The future of Design

First of all: English isn’t my mother language. So please forgive me for any mistakes! 😉 

I was recently contacted to write for a blogging contest about the future of design. At first I panicked!  “Future of Design what on earth do I know about that?!  How do I write about that? I noticed that most of the articles I have read on this topic mention the fusion of technology and design seeking the best possible experience for the customer.

I read an article on The Guardian where the futurist David Zach describes design as being “the centre point not just of the economy, but where art and science meet form and function, strength and beauty – and it’s essential for every industry, from education to healthcare”

Doesn’t it make complete sense? It involve everything around us and yet, many times we don’t give it enough attention… We know when something is practical, when something is beautiful, we are quick at stating these characteristics however we don’t usually connect it with the design, do we? I guess I’ll pay a bit more of attention from now on.

For this post, I chose 3 fashion designers who are being introduced as the future of Fashion. I chose these 3 because they are known for their attention to details and elegance.


Dion Lee Dion-Lee-

An Australian designer now based in New York with a gift for immaculate tailoring. Hi collections are technical yet sensual. 

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Barbara Casasola Barbara Casasola

A Brazilian designer based in London. Her collections are elegant, sexy and relaxed, with a sophisticated use of color. 

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Rosie Assoulin Rosie-Assoulin

An American designer known for her ability to bridge seemingly contradictory concepts. Her collections are perfectly combined romanticism and practicality. 

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